H2 Vie-mining Solutions Developer Australia (F/m)


Wollongong, NSW

Posted 6/12/2021


Renewable hydrogen (produced from water electrolysis) is central to ENGIE’s strategy driven by decarbonization, decentralization and digitalization. Our ambition is to become a major player in renewable hydrogen being at the forefront of global transformations in the industry, mobility and tertiary sectors, and thus we want to accelerate the scaling up of the renewable Hydrogen economy.

ENGIE is uniquely placed to deliver on these objectives. Our worldwide presence, strong industrial capabilities and local anchorage as well as a deep know-how in both gas and power management, including midstream infrastructure operations, such as storage, allow us develop integrated solutions for our customers all across the value chain (from renewable hydrogen production by water electrolysis of renewable energies, storage, transportation, distribution and services to end users).

Our ambition is to become a renewable hydrogen major present worldwide providing its customers with integrated zero-carbon solutions based on renewable H2.

We develop solutions for industrials (using hydrogen in their processes) and territories looking for carbon free solutions (H2 as a fuel for mobility, flexibility solutions for the local energy system…).

Our passion stems from the desire to preserve our planet for next generations, knowing that Hydrogen should contribute for 20% of the CO2 emissions required to achieve the 2°C goal. Our ambition is to make it happen now at industrial scale, through concrete affordable renewable based hydrogen solutions.

Engie’s H2 Business Platform is :

  • a young and lean Business Platform activating very large external & internal networks of people and competencies on many geographies around the world.
  • multi-localized with people based closed to the fields of actions. We have already developed a portfolio of projects in various countries such as Chile, Australia, Netherlands, France.
  • organized on roles basis, and the delivery of the strategic roadmap is organized in a project mode with ST objectives.

It allows each partner to express her/his leadership, handle new responsibilities and work on very different type of subjects, where the contribution of everyone is key to come up with solutions that do not exist today.

The H2 Business Platform offers you a unique playground to express your talents, bring your curiosity, creativity and courage. and grow yourself by experiencing new and very diverse areas. Our DNA is definitely an agile culture:

  • we are customer oriented, by co-building tailor-made solutions adapted to their problems
  • we are daring: we investigate new topics by imagining innovative, sustainable and profitable solutions
  • we promote innovation by developing collaborative working methods based on "test and learn"
  • we truly care about the environment and improving the quality of people's lives
  • we promote the collective support , by strengthening the culture of feedback

Do you want to live a unique adventure, working in a fast-growing business? Building innovative, sustainable and friendly solutions, within a multicultural team that allow you to explore new ways of working?

If you share our DNA and are aligned with our purpose “make the zero carbon transition” a reality, then join our journey to a better world, and apply for our new internship: You will be our H2 Solutions Developer for Brazil – VIE

Role: H2 VIE Solutions Developer for Brazil (F/M)

Purpose: Support Business development /GSP team in Brazil, to achieve at least the origination of 1 industrial scale project.


  • Market intelligence and database for Brazil.
  • Act as single point of contact for at least 1 proof of concept project in Brazil.
  • General support with identifying and originating new H2 projects in Brazil.
  • Support with project structuring (preliminary budgets, planning, etc).
  • Support with applying for project funding/subsidies.
  • Support with negotiating and formalizing collaboration agreements (MoU,JDA, etc)
  • Support with financial modeling and financial analysis (TCO, LCOH, etc).
  • Information collection for a hydrogen “heat-map study” for Brazil (contacting relevant agencies, online research, coordinating with ENGIE colleagues in Brazil). Focusing on potential hub areas.
  • Events/conferences presence: attend on behalf of ENGIE certain important events in Brazil, to share our views and network.

You want to share and further develop:

  • Creative thinking: be able to suggest innovative solutions to everyday problems Self-starter state of mind
  • The ability to rapidly assess, analyze, and resolve problems with little initial information or direction and with varying degrees of ambiguity
  • Team players partners culture
  • Demonstrate empathy and respect for people
  • Develop authentic relationships, through generous listening and straight talk


  • You hold a degree in Engineering, Business, finance or a related degree
  • Ideally, you have good financial modeling and/or project management skills
  • You are a fast learner and able to upskill yourself quickly on new topics
  • Creative and bold
  • Passionate about entrepreneurship
  • You are a native/Fluent English speaker; French language would be a plus
  • Notion of Spanish and/or Portuguese, willingness to improve language skills

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