Thousands of mining jobs to fill by 2030

Posted: 14th Jan

Research has found South Australia will need to fill an extra 35,000 mining jobs by 2030, more than double the current employment level of 15,000.

The State's Resources and Engineering Skills Alliance says it poses a serious challenge.

The alliance's chief executive, Phil de Courcey, says most employment growth is expected to be in the state's Far North and on Eyre Peninsula.

"There are some areas around automation and robotics and those things that increase productivity, but essentially it's about how the workforce does its work.

"So having skilled people with the right skills at the right time is really important and I guess that is the challenge for South Australia, but it's a great opportunity for us as well."

Mr de Courcey says it's a challenge, but it's achievable.

"Well, it is over a long time and what we're trying to do now is actually build a skills base to allow us to fill those positions in a way that will get more jobs into South Australia and more skills into the South Australian workforce.

"So yes, it is a challenge, but it is certainly doable and of great benefit to South Australia."

ABC Rural - Tim Jeanes - 9th Oct 2013 -