1200 more workers potentially required for Barrow Island project

Posted: 5th Nov

Around 1200 more workers could be brought to work on Barrow Island, thanks to a new accommodation facility that has been dubbed the ‘floatel’.

With more workers required to boost productivity in the final stages of construction of the Gorgon LNG Project, owner Chevron has stepped up plans to create additional jobs which will help bring the long-running project to completion in 2015.

Previous schedules cited September 2014 as the beginning of production at the Barrow Island gas plant, however that had slipped to mid-2015, and Chevron’s chief financial officer Pat Yarrington has said that date has moved to several months later.

“Gorgon production starts in a year from now and ramps up with three trains over subsequent years,” she said in a teleconference on Chevron’s September quarter performance,SMH reported.

Yarrington said the company had secured a “floatel” which would provide additional accommodation capacity for 1200 workers in the next few weeks.

“We have got the capacity over the next several weeks to bring over time about 1200 additional workers to the island to work on the MEI work that is underway that needs to be done in the next year,” she said.

Construction of the project is now 87 per cent complete, with one LNG storage tank complete and the second to be completed and tested by the end of January.

Installation of five turbine generators and the loading jetty are now complete, and 11 of the 17 modules for the second train have been installed.

Yarrignton also said Chevron’s Wheatstone project was 49 per cent complete.

Staff on the Gorgon Project will vote on whether to accept a new EBA agreement, with the voting period to end on November 9.


5 November, 2014 - Ben Hagemann - Australian Mining