Looking for work in a Trade? The highest paid trades & locations revealed.

Posted: 11th May

Plumbers in Western Australia are, on average, the highest-paid tradies, according to research published this week.

Data compiled by online jobs marketplace ServiceSeeking found plumbers and electricians on the west coast tend to earn more than their east coast counterparts.

WA plumbers topped the 2016 ‘Tradie Rich List’, raking in an average $87.67 per hour, according to the jobs platform.

Perth sparkies came a close second, earning on average $87.33 an hour.

Builders in New South Wales were not far behind, earning $77.85 an hour.

NSW plumbers, meanwhile, raked in a healthy $77.42 on average for each hour on the job.

The data does not take into account material costs, however, with tradies having to buy their own supplies and equipment.

Jeremy Levitt, chief executive of ServiceSeeking, said in a statement the data shows there is high a demand for skilled tradespeople.

“Like many industries, it’s all about how complex the work is and where you work,” Levitt said.

“Get a licence or learn a complex trade and you’ll be paid more. Set up your business in an area where there is lots of construction and you’ll obviously drive up your earnings.”

Here are the top 10 wealthiest tradies, on average, from around Australia:

1. WA plumbers, earning on average $87.67 an hour

2. WA electricians, earning on average $87.33 an hour

3. NSW builders, earning on average $77.85 an hour

4. NSW plumbers, earning on average $77.42 an hour

5. Victorian plumbers, earning on average $77.03 an hour

6. Queensland electricians, earning on average $75.23 an hour

7. WA builders, earning on average $71.52 an hour

8. Queensland landscapers, earning on average $70.57 an hour

9. Victorian electricians, earning on average $68.68 an hour

10. Queensland plumbers, earning on average $68.58 an hour


BROEDE CARMODY - Smart Company - Wednesday, May 11 2016